Friday, December 9, 2016


It's our school Christmas concert next week and we're presenting a Veggie Tales Christmas. There was an idea to film snippets of all the staff and put it together to the Veggie Tales theme song and then play it at the concert. I don't know what was more funny today....the fact that my friend Sheralyn and I waltzed up and down the produce aisle at Walmart with a sack of potatoes.....or the reaction of Kaden when I asked him to film us doing it....

Kaden (after walking over after school): What time are we leaving school today?
Me: by 4:30
Kaden: ok
Me: oh but we just need to make a stop at Walmart so you can video tape me and (Sheralyn) dancing in the aisles.
Kaden: (not even batting an eye) ok

He is a great sport and just always follows my lead without even questioning the crazy antics that I drag him into. :)

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